Ruth Culver Community Library


In honor of George and Ruth Culver, this library is a symbol of their love and tireless support of this community and its people.  As co-founders of Culver's Restaurants, George and Ruth not only served their guests with quality and hospitality, but they were equally engaged in the causes, needs and activities that were vital to the well-being of the community as a whole.

Ruth and George Culver Portrait
Since 1922, this site has been a diverse place of gathering; first as a car dealership and garage, later as the Firehouse Restaurant and most recently as a place for the Culver's extended business family.  Now, like the chapters in the books inside, the page is turned again.  Welcome to the Ruth Culver Community Library, a place not only to expand one's knowledge and learn new skills, but also to help our community thrive in the spirit of George and Ruth.

Dedicated June 16, 2012



Ruth and George Culver Portrait by Artist Tonia Marks Baney (pdf)
40" by 30" Oil on linen