December Teen Tuesdays

Monthly Teen Tuesday take-home bags continue! Fill out the form at to select which activities you'd like to receive in December. You can choose 1, 2, 3 or all 4 activities!

  • Paint Pen Mugs: You'll receive a plain ceramic mug and 3 paint pens to decorate it.
  • Microwave Mug Cakes: Get the ingredients to make a quick cake! Comes with m&ms and sprinkles.
  • Winter Model Magic: You'll receive Model Magic in a variety of colors to make mini winter decorations, or anything else you'd like!
  • Challenge: Foil Skiers: Sculpt a skier out of tin foil, attach him/her to craft stick skis and see how far your skier can go.

Bags will be available for pick up after December 2. Teen Tuesdays are open to grades 6-12. Optional Zoom gatherings will be held at 6:45pm on December 8 and 15. The links are available on our calendar. Contact Meagan at 608-643-8318 or with questions.