Move & Groove

Community Room

Move and Groove is a free opportunity for active play in the library’s community room for ages 2-4. Each session has an activity theme, and the themes for February are listed below. Some of the sessions will be more free-play focused (such as the Indoor Playground day), and some of the sessions will be more class-like (such as guided exercise or dance).

February 3rd Beach Day: We’re getting out the parachute on this day to create our own waves! Join us for some parachute fun, some beach dancing, and some sensory sand play.

February 10th Game Day: We’ll be playing a variety of easy games including following the leader and dance and freeze on this day.

February 17th Ballet Sampler: Come explore ballet with Miss Bethany and special guest Stella, a dancer from our community. Stella will be demonstrating some introductory stretches and ballet moves before having some time to dance freely. No previous experience necessary!

February 24th Indoor Play Day: All of our active toys will be out for this session. Come slide, jump, hop, and more!