Laminate Covid-19 Vaccination Cards Here

The Ruth Culver Community Library is thrilled to announce that we will begin offering free lamination services for those who wish to have their Covid-19 vaccination card laminated. This service will be available while supplies last and will be free of charge. Patrons are welcome to drop in Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm or if that doesn't work for your schedule, please call the library and we can make arrangements for you to come when it's more convenient. Patrons must be present with their cards and we do not offer a drop-off service at this time. However, the process will take 15 minutes or less. Please note that it is recommended that we laminate a photocopy of your original card, but we are happy to do either. If you have any additional questions, please contact the library at 608-643-8318.

RCCL Vaccination Card Lamination FAQ