Books on CD

Books on CD owned by the Ruth Culver Community Library

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Alphabetical by author

Achor, Shawn - Before Happiness: the 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness, and Sustaining Positive Change

Adams, Douglas - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Adams, Poppy - The Sister

Adler-Olsen, Jussi - Keeper of Lost Causes

Ahern, Cecelia - The Gift

Albom, Mitch - The First Phone Call From Heaven

Albom, Mitch - The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Albom, Mitch - Have a Little Faith

Albom, Mitch - The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Albright, Madeleine - Prague Winter: A Personal Story of War and Remembrance, 1937-1948

Alcott, Kate - The Daring Ladies of Lowell

Alcott, Kate - A Touch of Stardust

Allende, Isabel - In the Midst of Winter

Allende, Isabel - Ines of My Soul

Anderson, Chris - TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

Andrews, Mary Kay - Irish Eyes

Andrews, Mary Kay - Save the Date

Armstrong, Karen - Muhammad

Arnold, Jennifer - Through a Dog's Eyes

Atkins, Ace - Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot

Atkins, Dani - The Story of Us

Atkinson, Kate - A God in Ruins

Atkinson, Kate - Life After Life

Atwood, Margaret - MaddAddam

Atwood, Margaret - The Robber Bride

Austen, Jane - Sense and Sensibility

Bachman, Richard - Blaze

Backman, Fredrik - Beartown

Backman, Fredrik - A Man Called Ove

Backman, Fredrik - Us Against You

Baker, Jo - A Country Road, a Tree

Baker, Jo - Longbourn

Baldacci, David - The Fallen

Baldacci, David - The Fix

Baldacci, David - The Guilty

Baldacci, David - The Hit

Baldacci, David - The Last Mile

Baldacci, David - The Whole Truth

Banner, Catherine - The House at the Edge of Night

Barber, Dan - The Third Plate

Barbery, Muriel - The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Barclay, Linwood - A Noise Downstairs

Barnett, Tommy - The Power of a Half Hour

Barr, Nevada - Flashback

Barrows, Annie - The Truth According to Us

Barry, Brunonia - The Fifth Petal

Barry, Dave - Lunatics

Barton, Fiona - The Child

Barton, Fiona - The Suspect

Bass, Jefferson - The Breaking Point

Bauermeister, Erica - The School of Essential Ingredients

Beah, Ishmael - A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Greedy Woman

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Liar

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Nurse

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Snob

Beaton, M.C. - Death of an Honest Man

Beaton, M.C. - Kissing Christmas Goodbye

Beaton, M.C. - Pushing Up Daisies

Belfoure, Charles - The Paris Architect

Benedict, Marie - Carnegie's Maid

Benedict, Marie - The Other Einstein

Benison, C.C. - Eleven Pipers Piping

Benjamin, Melanie - Alice I Have Been

Benjamin, Melanie - Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb

Benjamin, Melanie - The Aviator's Wife

Benjamin, Melanie - The Girls in the Picture

Benjamin, Melanie - The Swan's of Fifth Avenue

Beran, Michael Knox - Jefferson's Demons: Portrait of a Restless Mind

Berenson, Alex - The Prisoner

Berg, Elizabeth - The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted

Berg, Elizabeth - Home Safe

Berg, Elizabeth - Night of Miracles

Bergen, Candice - A Fine Romance

Berry, Steve - The Emperor's Tomb

Binchy, Maeve - Chestnut Street

Binchy, Maeve - Heart and Soul

Binchy, Maeve - Minding Frankie

Binchy, Maeve - A Week in Winter

Bird, Kai - The Good Spy: the Life and Death of Robert Ames

Bivald, Katarina - The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Blume, Judy - In the Unlikely Event

Blume, Judy - Summer Sisters

Bohjalian, Chris - Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands

Bohjalian, Chris - The Flight Attendant

Bohjalian, Chris - The Guest Room

Bohjalian, Chris - The Light in the Ruins

Bohjalian, Chris - Night Strangers

Bohjalian, Chris - Secrets of Eden

Bohjalian, Chris - The Sleepwalker

Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451

Bradley, Alan - As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust

Bradley, Alan - The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches

Bradley, Alan - The Golden Tresses of the Dead

Bradley, Alan - The Grave's a Fine and Private Place

Bradley, Alan - Speaking from among the Bones

Bradley, Alan - The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag

Bradley, Alan - Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd

Braestrup, Kate - Here If You Need Me

Brands, H.W. - The General vs. the President: MacArthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War

Brands, H.W. - Reagan : the Life

Brashares, Ann - The Last Summer (of You & Me)

Brashares, Ann - My Name is Memory

Brashares, Ann - Sisterhood Everlasting

Braun, Lilian Jackson - The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell

Braun, Lilian Jackson - The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers

Braun, Lilian Jackson - The Cat Who Saw Stars

Brizzi, Fausto - 100 Days of Happiness

Brockmole, Jessica - Letters from Skye

Brokaw, Tom - A Long Way From Home

Brokaw, Tom - Time of Our Lives

Brook, Rhidian - The Aftermath

Brooks, David - The Road to Character

Brooks, Geraldine - The Secret Chord

Brooks, Geraldine - Year of Wonders

Brown, Dan - Angels & Demons

Brown, Dan - The Da Vinci Code

Brown, Dan - Digital Fortress

Brown, Dan - Inferno

Brown, Dan - The Lost Symbol

Brown, Dan - Origin

Brown, Daniel James - The Boys in the Boat

Brown, Rita Mae - Claws and Effect

Brown, Rita Mae - Pawing through the Past

Brown, Rita Mae - Puss 'n Cahoots

Brown, Rita Mae - Sour Puss

Brown, Sandra - The Rana Look

Brown, Sandra - Demon Rumm

Bryson, Bill - At Home: a Short History of Private Life

Bryson, Bill - The Life and TImes of the Thunderbolt Kid

Bryson, Bill - One Summer [America, 1927]

Bryson, Bill - The Road to Little Dribbling

Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho - The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World

Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho - The Universe in a Single Atom

Buchanan, Patrick J. - The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority

Burke, Alafair - The Ex

Burke, James Lee - Light of the World

Burke, James Lee - Two for Texas

Burnett, Carol - In Such Good Company

Burnett, Carol - This Time Together

Burpo, Todd - Heaven is for Real

Bush, George W. - Decision Points

Byrne, Rhonda - The Secret

Cabot, Meg - Queen of Babble Gets Hitched

Cadwalladr, Carole - The Family Tree

Cahill, Thomas - Desire of the Everlasting Hills

Cahill, Thomas - Heretics and Heroes

Cain, Susan - Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Cameron, W. Bruce - The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man

Campion, Emma - The King's Mistress

Carey, Benedict - How We Learn

Carney, John T. - No Room for Error: the Covert Operations of America's Special Tactics Units from Iran to Afghanistan

Caro, Robert A. - The Years of Lyndon Johnson: the Passage of Power

Carter, Jimmy - A Call to Action

Carter, Stephen - The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

Casey, Anne-Marie - The Real Liddy James

Cash, Wiley - The Last Ballad

Castillo, Linda - The Dead Will Tell

Cathcart, Thomas and Daniel Klein - Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes

Catmill, Ed - Creativity, Inc.

Center, Katherine - Everyone is Beautiful

Chamberlain, Diane - The Silent Sister

Chapman, Gary - Love as a Way of Life

Chase, Eve - Black Rabbit Hall

Chernow, Ron - Alexander Hamilton

Chevalier, Tracy - At the Edge of the Orchard

Child, Julia - My Life in France

Child, Lee - 61 Hours

Child, Lee - The Affair

Child, Lee - Gone Tomorrow

Child, Lee - Make Me

Child, Lee - The Midnight Line

Child, Lee - Never Go Back

Child, Lee - Night School

Child, Lee - Past Tense

Child, Lee - Personal

Child, Lee - Tripwire

Child - Lee - A Wanted Man

Child, Lee - Worth Dying For

Child, Lincoln - The Forgotten Room

Child, Lincoln - Terminal Freeze

Child, Preston - Crimson Shore

Christie, Agatha - Murder on the Orient Express

Clancy, Tom - The Teeth of the Tiger

Clark, Carol Higgins - Wrecked

Clark, Janice - The Rathbones

Clark, Mary Higgins - All By Myself, Alone

Clark, Mary Higgins - All Dressed in White

Clark, Mary Higgins - The Cinderella Murder

Clark, Mary Higgins - I've Got You Under My Skin

Clark, Mary Jane - That Old Black Magic

Clegg, Bill - Did You Ever Have a Family

Cleveland, Karen - Need to Know

Clinton, Bill - Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World

Clinton, Bill - The President is Missing

Clinton, Hillary Rodham - What Happened

Close, Jessie - Resilience: Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness

Cloud, David and Greg Jaffe - The Fourth Star: Four Generals and the Epic Struggle for the Future of the United States Army

Coben, Harlan - Just One Look

Coben, Harlan - One False Move

Cohen, Roger - Soldiers and Slaves

Connelly, Michael - The Brass Verdict

Connelly, Michael - The Crossing

Connelly, Michael - Dark Sacred Night

Connelly, Michael - Echo Park

Connelly, Michael - The Scarecrow

Connelly, Michael - Two Kinds of Truth

Conroy, Pat - South of Broad

Cooney, Kara - The Woman Who Would Be King

Cooper, Anderson - The Rainbow Comes and Goes

Cooper, James Fenimore - The Last of the Mohicans

Cornwell, Bernard - War of the Wolf

Cornwell, Patricia - At Risk

Cornwell, Patricia - Blow Fly

Cornwell, Patricia - The Bone Bed

Cornwell, Patricia - The Front

Cornwell, Patricia - Port Mortuary

Cornwell, Patricia - Predator

Cornwell, Patricia - Red Mist

Cornwell, Patricia - Trace

Cornwell, Patricia - Unnatural Exposure

Crais, Robert - Demolition Angel

Crichton, Michael - Prey

Cronin, Justin - The City of Mirrors

Cronin, Justin - The Passage

Cronin, Justin - The Twelve

Crosley, Sloane - The Clasp

Crystal, Billy - Still Foolin' 'Em

Cunningham, Michael - Specimen Days

Cussler, Clive - The Chase

Cussler, Clive - Crescent Dawn

Cussler, Clive - The Cutthroat

Cussler, Clive - Lost Empire

Cussler, Clive - Medusa

Cussler, Clive - Nighthawk

Cussler, Clive - Polar Shift

Cussler, Clive - The Spy

Cussler, Clive - White Death

Dams, Jeanne - Sins Out of School

Danker, Sean - Admiral

Davidson, Diane Mott - Sweet Revenge

Davidson, Mary Janice - Undead and Unpopular

De Bernières, Louis - Dust That Falls from Dreams

Deaver, Jeffery - The Burial Hour

DeFrank, Thomas M. - Write it When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford

DeGraff, Jeff - Innovation You

Dekker, Ted - Boneman's Daughters

Delaney, J. P. - Believe Me

Delaney, J. P. - The Girl Before

DeLillo, Don - The Body Artist

Delinsky, Barbara - Blueprints

Delinsky, Barbara - The Secret Between Us

DeMille, Nelson - Night Fall

Desrochers, Suzanne - The Bride of New France

Deveraux, Jude - Ever After

Deveraux, Jude - For All Time

Deveraux, Jude - The Girl from Summer Hill

Dickens, Charles - A Christmas Carol

Dionne, Karen - The Marsh King's Daughter

Dixon, Diane - The Language of Secrets

Dobbs, Michael - One Minute to Midnight

Doctorow, Cory - Walkaway

Doerr, Anthony - All the Light We Cannot See

Dolan-Leach, Caite - Dead Letters

Domar, Alice D. - Be Happy Without Being Perfect

Donoghue, Emma - Frog Music

Donohue, Keith - Centuries of June

Doughty, Louise - Apple Tree Yard

Druett, Joan - In the Wake of Madness

Dunn, Sarah - The Arrangement

Eastland, Sam - Archive 17

Eckel, Malcolm David - Great World Religions. Buddhism

Eden, Barbara - Jeannie Out of the Bottle

Edwards, Kim - The Lake of Dreams

Egan, Jennifer - Manhattan Beach

Eisenhower, John S. D. - General Ike: a Personal Reminiscence

Ellis, Joseph J. - First Family: Abigail & John Adams

Ephron, Nora - I Feel Bad About My Neck

Ephron, Nora - I Remember Nothing

Erdrich, Louise - LaRose

España, Graciela - En Español Rapid Success in Spanish

Esposito, John L. - Great World Religions. Islam

Esquivel, Laura - Malinche

Estleman, Loren D. - The Left-Handed Dollar

Eugenides, Jeffrey - Virgin Suicides

Evanovich, Janet - The Chase

Evanovich, Janet - Explosive Eighteen

Evanovich, Janet - Four to Score

Evanovich, Janet - The Grand Finale

Evanovich, Janet - Hardcore Twenty-Four

Evanovich, Janet - Look Alive Twenty-Five

Evanovich, Janet - Motor Mouth

Evanovich, Janet - Notorious Nineteen

Evanovich, Janet - The Pursuit

Evanovich, Janet - Takedown Twenty

Evanovich, Janet - Thanksgiving

Evanovich, Janet - Top Secret Twenty-One

Evanovich, Janet - Turbo Twenty-Three

Evanovich, Janet - Wicked Business

Evanovich, Janet - Wicked Charms

Evans, Justin - The White Devil

Evans, Nicholas - The Divide

Evans, Richard Paul - Finding Noel

Evans, Richard Paul - The Gift

Evison, Jonathan - This is Your Life, Harriet Chance

Faber, Michel - The Book of Strange New Things

Fairstein, Linda - Killer Heat

Faris, Anna - Unqualified

Fawkes, Richard - The History of Classical Music

Feiler, Bruce - The Council of Dads

Feinstein, John - The Legends Club: Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano, and an Epic College Basketball Rivalry

Feinstein, John - Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Life in the Minor Leagues of Baseball

Fforde, Jasper - First Among Sequels

Fielding, Helen - Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination

Finder, Joseph - The Switch

Finn, A.J. - The Woman in the Window

Flagg, Fannie - The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion

Flagg, Fannie - Standing in the Rainbow

Flagg, Fannie - The Whole Town's Talking

Fleming, Ian - Devil May Care

Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl

Fogerty, John - Fortunate Son

Follett, Ken - A Column of Fire

Follett, Ken - Edge of Eternity

Follett, Ken - Fall of Giants

Follett, Ken - Whiteout

Follett, Ken - Winter of the World

Ford, Jamie - Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Ford, Jamie - Love and Other Consolation Prizes

Ford, Jamie - Songs of Willow Frost

Forster, E. M. - A Passage to India

Francis, Dick - Bolt

Francis, Dick - Crossfire

Francis, Dick - Even Money

Francis, Dick - Under Orders

Frank, Dorothea Benton - All Summer Long

Frank, Dorothea Benton - The Hurricane Sisters

Franzen, Jonathan - How to Be Alone

Frazier, Charles - Varina

Fredrickson, Barbara L. - Positivity

Freeman, Gregory - The Forgotten 500

French, Tana - The Secret Place

French, Tana - The Trespasser

French, Tana - The Witch Elm

Gabaldon, Diana - Outlander

Gaffigan, Jim - Food: a Love Story

Gaiman, Neil - The Ocean at the end of the Lane

Gaines, Ernest J. - A Lesson Before Dying

Galbraith, Robert - Career of Evil

Galbraith, Robert - The Cuckoo's Calling

Galbraith, Robert - Lethal White

Gardner, Lisa - Hide

Gardner, Lisa - Live to Tell

Gardner, Lisa - Love You More

Gardner, Lisa - The Neighbor

Garni, Isaiah - Great world religions. Judaism

Genova, Lisa - Every Note Played

George, Elizabeth - A Banquet of Consequences

George, Elizabeth - Just One Evil Act

George, Elizabeth - This Body of Death

George, Elizabeth - The Punishment She Deserves

George, Margaret - The Confessions of Young Nero

George, Margaret - The Splendor before the Dark

George, Nina - The Little French Bistro

Geroux, William - The Mathews Men: Seven Brothers and the War Against Hitler's U-boats

Gerritsen, Tess - Body Double

Gerritsen, Tess - Ice Cold

Gideon, Melanie - Wife 22

Giffin, Emily - All We Ever Wanted

Giffin, Emily - First Comes Love

Giffin, Emily - The One & Only

Gilbert, Elizabeth - Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Gillon, Steven M. - 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader - My Own Words

Gladwell, Malcolm - Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Gladwell, Malcolm - David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

Gloss, Susan - Vintage

Godwin, Gail - Unfinished Desires

Goodwin, Daisy - The Fortune Hunter

Goodwin, Daisy - Victoria

Goolrick, Robert - The Dying of the Light

Gore, Albert - The Assault on Reason

Goyer, David S. and Michael Cassutt - Heaven's Fall

Grafton, Sue - Q is for Quarry

Grafton, Sue - R is for Ricochet

Grafton, Sue - T is for Trespass

Grafton, Sue - U is for Undertow

Grafton, Sue - V is for Vengeance

Grafton, Sue - W is for Wasted

Grafton, Sue - Y is for Yesterday

Great Western Radio Shows

Green, Hank - An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Green, Jane - The Beach House

Green, Tim - The Fifth Angel

Greene, Amy - Bloodroot

Greene, Amy - Long Man

Grennan, Conor - Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal

Griffin, W.E.B. - Behind the Lines

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Double Agents

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Traffickers

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Vigilantes

Grimes, Martha - Biting the Moon

Grimes, Martha - Dakota

Grippando, James - Gone Again

Grisham, John - The Appeal

Grisham, John - The Associate

Grisham, John - Calico Joe

Grisham, John - Camino Island

Grisham, John - Ford County: Stories

Grisham, John - Gray Mountain

Grisham, John - The Litigators

Grisham, John - The Reckoning

Grisham, John - The Rooster Bar

Grisham, John - Skipping Christmas

Grisham, John - The King of Torts

Grisham, John - Bleachers

Grisham, John - The Brethren

Grisham, John - The Confession

Grisham, John - The Last Juror

Grisham, John - The Broker

Grisham, John - The Racketeer

Grisham, John - Rogue Lawyer

Grisham, John - The Street Lawyer

Grisham, John - The Whistler

Grogan, John - Marley and Me

Gruen, Sara - Ape House

Gruen, Sara - At the Water's Edge

Gruen, Sara - Water for Elephants

Gutradt, Gail - In a Rocket Made of Ice

Guterson, David - Ed King

Guterson, David - Our Lady of the Forest

Guterson, David - Snow Falling on Cedars

Haddon, Mark - The Red House

Haddon, Mark - Spot of Bother

Halberstam, David - The Education of a Coach

Haley, James L. - A Darker Sea

Hallberg, Garth Risk - City on Fire

Hamil, Pete - North River

Hamilton, Gabrielle - Blood, Bones & Butter: the Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef

Hamilton, Suzy Favor - Fast Girl

Hanks, Tom - Uncommon Type

Hannah, Kristin - Fly Away

Hannah, Kristin - The Great Alone

Hannah, Kristin - The Nightingale

Hannah, Sophie - Closed Casket

Hannah, Sophie - The Monogram Murders

Harari, Yuval Noah - 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Harari, Yuval Noah - Sapiens

Hardy, Thomas -Far from the Madding Crowd

Harris, Robert - The Fear Index

Harris, Robert - Munich

Harris, Robert - An Officer and a Spy

Harrison, Mette Ivie - The Bishop's Wife

Hart, Carolyn - Death Comes Silently

Hart, Carolyn - Ghost on the Case

Hart, Carolyn - Ghost to the Rescue

Hart, Carolyn - Letter From Home

Hawking, Stephen - Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Hawkins, Paula - The Girl on the Train

Hawkins, Paula - Into the Water

Hawley, Noah - Before the Fall

Hawlet, Noah - A Conspiracy of Tall Men

Hawthorne, Nathaniel - The Scarlet Letter

Hayes-McCoy, Felicity - The Library at the Edge of the World

Hemingway, Ernest - The Old Man and the Sea

Hemphill, Paul - Lovesick Blues

Hendricks, Greer & Sarah Pekkanen - The Wife Between Us

Henriques, Peter R. - Realistic Visionary: a Portrait of George Washington

Hesse, Monica - American Fire

Hiaasen, Carl - Bad Monkey

Hiaasen, Carl - Dance of the Reptiles: Selected Columns

Hiaasen, Carl - Razor Girl

Hiaasen, Carl - Skinny Dip

Higashino, Keigo - Newcomer

Higgs, Liz Curtis - Mine is the Night

Hilderbrand, Elin - Here's to Us

Hilderbrand, Elin - The Rumor

Hilderbrand, Elin - Winter Solstice

Hill, Joe - The Fireman

Hillenbrand, Laura - Unbroken: a World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Hillerman, Tony - The Shape Shifter

Hillerman, Tony - The Sinister Pig

Hoag, Tami - The Bitter Season

Hoag, Tami - Down the Darkest Road

Hoag, Tami - Kill the Messenger

Hoag, Tami - Secrets to the Grave

Hobbs, Roger - Ghost Man

Hodgkinson, Amanda - 22 Britannia Road

Hoffman, Alice - The Red Garden

Hoffman, Alice - The Third Angel

Holsinger, Bruce - A Burnable Book

Hope, Anna - Wake

Horan, Nancy - Under the Wide and Starry Sky

Hosseini, Khaled - And the Mountains Echoed

Howard, Linda - Prey

Howard, Linda - Veil of Night

Hunter, Aislinn - The World Before Us

Hunter, Stephen - American Gunfight

Iles, Greg - Natchez Burning

Irving, John - Avenue of Mysteries

Ishiguro, Kazuo - The Buried Giant

Jacobs, A. J. - It's All Relative

Jakes, John - Charleston

Jakes, John - The Gods of Newport

James, P.D. - Death Comes to Pemberley

James, P.D. - The Mistletoe Murder

James, P.D. - Sleep No More

Jance, J.A. - Clawback

Jance, J.A. - Downfall

Jance, J.A. - Web of Evil

Johansen, Iris - An Unexpected Song

Johansen, Iris - Blind Alley

Johansen, Iris - Dead Aim

Johansen, Iris - Firestorm

Johnson, Adam - The Orphan Master's Son

Johnson, Craig - Depth of Winter

Johnson, Craig - Spirit of Steamboat

Johnson, Luke Timothy - Great world religions. Christianity

Johnson, Steven - The Invention of Air

Jones, Edward - The Known World

Jones, Tayari - An American Marriage

Jordan, Robert - A Memory of Light

Joyce, Rachel - The Music Shop

Joyce, Rachel - The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Kahneman, Daniel - Thinking, Fast and Slow

Kalanithi, Paul - When Breath Becomes Air

Kaling, Mindy - Why Not Me?

Kaplan Thaler, Linda - The Power of Small: Why Little Things Make All the Difference

Karon, Jan - Bathed in Prayer

Karon, Jan - Come Rain or Come Shine

Karon, Jan - Home to Holly Springs

Karon, Jan - Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good

Karon, Jan - To Be Where You Are

Karpinski, Janis - One Woman's Army

Katz, Jon - A Good Dog

Keith, Michael - The Next Better Place: a Father and Son on the Road

Kellerman, Faye - Blindman's Bluff

Kellerman, Faye - Hangman

Kellerman, Jonathan - Crime Scene

Kellerman, Jonathan - Flesh and Blood

Kellerman, Jonathan - Gone

Kellerman, Jonathan - Guilt

Kellerman, Jonathan - A Measure of Darkness

Kellerman, Jonathan - Motive

Kellerman, Jonathan - Mystery

Kellerman, Jonathan - Obsession

Kellerman, Jonathan - Therapy

Kellerman, Jonathan - True Detectives

Kelley, Kitty - Oprah: a Biography

Kelly, Scott - Endurance: a Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery

Kerrison, Catherine - Jefferson's Daughters

Kessler, Lauren - Dancing with Rose

Kidd, Sue Monk - The Mermaid Chair

Kidd, Sue Monk - The Secret Life of Bees

Kilmeade, Brian - George Washington's Secret Six

Kilmeade, Brian and Don Yaeger - Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans

King, Laurie - Night Work

King, Stephen - Elevation

King, Stephen - It Grows On You and Other Stories

King, Stephen - Joyland

King, Stephen - Mr. Mercedes

King, Stephen - The Stephen King Collection

Kingsbury, Karen - Angels Walking

Kingsbury, Karen - Brush of Wings

Kingsbury, Karen - Chasing Sunsets

Kingsbury, Karen - In This Moment

Kingsolver - Barbara - Unsheltered

Kinsella, Sophie - I Owe You One

Kinsella, Sophie - I've Got Your Number

Kinsella, Sophie - My Not So Perfect Life

Kinsella, Sophie - Remember Me?

Kinsella, Sophie - Surprise Me

Kinsella, Sophie - Twenties Girl

Kinsella, Sophie - The Undomestic Goddess

Kline, Christina Baker - Orphan Train

Knoll, Jessica - Luckiest Girl Alive

Kolbert, Elizabeth - The Sixth Extinction: an Unnatural History

Kondo, Marie - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Koontz, Dean - The Darkest Evening of the Year

Koontz, Dean - The Face

Koontz, Dean - Frankenstein Book Three: Dead and Alive

Koontz, Dean - Life Expectancy

Koontz, Dean - Odd Thomas

Koontz, Dean - The Taking

Koontz, Dean - Velocity

Kostova, Elizabeth - The Historian

Kostova Elizabeth - The Shadow Land

Krentz, Jayne Ann - Trust No One

Krist, Gary - City of Scoundrels

Kristof, Nicholas D. & Sheryl WuDunn - A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity

Kurson, Robert - Crashing Through

Kyle, Chris - American Sniper

Lagercrantz, David - Fall of Man in Wilmslow

Lagercrantz, David - The Girl in the Spider's Web

LaHaye, Tim - Babylon Rising

LaHaye, Tim - The Secret on Ararat

Lahiri, Jhumpa - The Lowland

Lamb, Wally - I'll Take You There

L'Amour, Louis - The Californios

L'Amour, Louis - The Key-Lock Man

L'Amour, Louis - Matagorda

L'Amour, Louis - Showdown at Yellow Butte

Landvik, Lorna - 'Tis the Season

Larson, Erik - Dead Wake: the Last Crossing of the Lusitania

Larson, Kate Clifford - Rosemary: the Hidden Kennedy Daughter

Larsson, Steig - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Larsson, Stieg - The Girl Who Played With Fire

Larsson, Steig - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Lawhon, Ariel - Flight of Dreams

Lawhon, Ariel - I Was Anastasia

Lawson, Jenny - Furiously Happy

Le Carre, John - Absolute Friends

Le Carre, John - Our Kind of Traitor

Lear, Norman - Even This I Get to Experience

Lee, Harper - Go Set a Watchman

Lee, Harper - To Kill a Mockingbird

Lehane, Dennis - The Drop

Leonard, Elmore - Up in Honey's Room

Lepucki, Edan - California

Levitt, Steven - Freakonomics

Levitt, Steven - Superfreakonomics

Levitt, Steven - Think Like a Freak

Link, Mardi Jo - Bootstrapper

Loehfelm, Bill - Fresh Kills

London, Jack - Love of Life

Lovett, Charlie - First Impressions

Lovey, Stephen R. and Chris McChesney - Four Disciplines of Execution

Lowell, Elizabeth - Blue Smoke and Murder

Macintyre, Ben - Double Cross: the True Story of the D-Day Spies

Mackintosh, Clare - Let Me Lie

MacNeal, Susan Elia - Mr. Churchill's Secretary

MacNeal, Susan Elia - The Paris Spy

MacNeal, Susan Elia - The Prisoner in the Castle

Macomber, Debbie - Alaskan Holiday

Macomber, Debbie - Any Dream Will Do

Macomber, Debbie - Blossom Street Brides

Macomber, Debbie - Cottage by the Sea

Macomber, Debbie - Dashing Through the Snow

Macomber, Debbie - A Girl's Guide to Moving On

Macomber, Debbie - If Not for You

Macomber, Debbie - Last One Home

Macomber, Debbie - Love Letters

Macomber, Debbie - Mr. Miracle

Macomber, Debbie - Rose Harbor in Bloom

Macomber, Debbie - Silver Linings

Macomber, Debbie - Sweet Tomorrows

Maddow, Rachel - Drift: the Unmooring of American Military Power

Mallery, Susan - Barefoot Season

Mandel, Emily St. John - Station Eleven

Martin, George R. R. - A Clash of Kings

Martin, George R. R. - Fire & Blood

Martin, George R. R. - Game of Thrones

Masley, Steven - The Better Brain Solution

Mastai, Elan - All Our Wrong Todays

Matar, Hisham - Anatomy of a Disappearance

McBride, James - The Color of Water

McBride, James - The Good Lord Bird

McBride, James - Song Yet Sung

McCall Smith, Alexander - Blue Shoes and Happiness

McCall Smith, Alexander - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive

McCall Smith, Alexander - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

McCall Smith, Alexander - Right Attitude to Rain, The

McCarthy, Cormac - All the Pretty Horses

McCarthy, Cormac - The Road

McCoy, Sarah - The Mapmaker's Children

McCullough, David - The Wright Brothers

McKeown, Greg - Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less

McKibben, Bill - Wandering Home

McLain, Paula - Circling the sun

McLain, Paula - Love and Ruin

Meacham, Jon - The Soul of America

Meltzer, Brad - The President's Shadow

Meyer, Stephenie - The Chemist

Meyerson, Amy - The Bookshop of Yesterdays

Michaels, Fern - Deadline

Michaels, Fern - Perfect Match

Milchman, Jenny - Cover of Snow

Millan, Cesar - How to Raise the Perfect Dog

Miller, Arthur - Death of a Salesman & The Crucible

Miller, Sue - The Lake Shore Limited

Miller, Sue - The Senator's Wife

Mitchard, Jacquelyn - The Breakdown Lane

Mitchard, Jacquelyn - No Time to Wave Goodbye

Mitchard, Jacquelyn - Second Nature

Monroe, Mary Alice - The Summer Girls

Montville, Leigh - Ted Williams

Moore, Graham - The Last Days of Night

Moore, Thomas - Dark Nights of the Soul

Moraff. Ken - It Happened in Wisconsin

Morell, Virginia - Animal Wise

Moriarty, Laura - The Rest of Her Life

Moriarty, Liane - Big Little Lies

Moriarty, Liane - The Husband's Secret

Moriarty, Liane - The Last Anniversary

Moriarty, Liane - Nine Perfect Strangers

Moriarty, Liane - What Alice Forgot

Morris, Heather - The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Morrison, Toni - A Mercy

Mortenson, Greg - Stones into Schools

Mortenson, Greg - Three Cups of Tea

Morton, Kate - The Lake House

Mosley, Walter - The Wave

Moyes, Jojo - After You

Moyes, Jojo - Me Before You

Moyes, Jojo - One Plus One

Moyes, Jojo - Paris for One

Moyes, Jojo - Still Me

Muesse, Mark W. - Great world religions. Hinduism

Munk, Nina - The Idealist: Jeffrey Sachs and the Quest to End Poverty

Munro, Alice - Too Much Happiness

Murakami, Haruki - Killing Commendatore

Nafisi, Azar - Things I've Been Silent About

Nasar, Sylvia - A Beautiful Mind

Neal, Mary C. - To Heaven and Back

Nelson, Willie - It's a Long Story : My Life

Nesbo, Jo - Blood on Snow

Newton, Jim - Eisenhower: the White House Years

Ng, Celeste - Little Fires Everywhere

Nissanoff, Daniel - Futureshop

Noble, Thomas - The Foundations of Western Civilization

Noonan, William Sylvester - Forever Young

Oates, Joyce Carol - Dear Husband

Oates, Joyce Carol - A Widow's Story

Obama, Barack - The Audacity of Hope

Obama, Barack - Change We Can Believe In

Obama, Michelle - Becoming

O'Brian, Patrick - Post Captain

Olson, Steve - Eruption: the Untold Story of Mount St. Helens

Olsson, Linda - Astrid & Veronika

Ondaatje, Michael - The Cat's Table

Ondaatje, Michael - Divisadero

Ondaatje, Michael - Warlight

Oppegaard, David - The Suicide Collectors

O'Reilly, Bill - A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

O'Reilly, Bill - Killing Kennedy

O'Reilly, Bill - Killing Lincoln

O'Reilly, Bill - Killing Patton

O'Reilly, Bill - Killing Reagan

Orman, Suze - The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream

Orman, Suze - Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan

Orwell, George - 1984

Osborne, Steve - The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop

Owen, Lauren - The Quick

Owen, Mark - No Easy Day: the Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden

Owen, Mark - No Hero: The Evolution of a Navy SEAL

Packer, Ann - Swim Back to Me

Palahniuk, Chuck - Rant

Parker, Robert - Back Story

Parker, Robert - Blue Screen

Parker, Robert - Blue-Eyed Devil

Parker, Robert - Brimstone

Parker, Robert - Cold Service

Parker, Robert - Painted Ladies

Parker, Robert - Rough Weather

Parker, Robert - Shrink Rap

Parker, Robert - Sixkill

Parker, Robert - Spare Change

Parker, Robert - Stranger in Paradise

Parker, T. Jefferson - The Room of White Fire

Parmar, Priya - Vanessa and Her Sister

Pasternak, Boris - Doctor Zhivago

Patchett, Ann - Commonwealth

Patrick, Phaedra - The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

Patterson, James - 4th of July

Patterson, James - 5th Horseman

Patterson, James - 6th Target

Patterson, James - 7th Heaven

Patterson, James - 8th Confession

Patterson, James - 16th Seduction

Patterson, James - Against Medical Advice

Patterson, James - Beach Road

Patterson, James - Big Bad Wolf

Patterson, James - Come and Get Us (Bookshots)

Patterson, James - Count to Ten

Patterson, James - Cross Country

Patterson, James - Cross the Line

Patterson, James - Double Cross

Patterson, James - Fifty Fifty

Patterson, James - Honeymoon

Patterson, James - Judge & Jury

Patterson, James - Lifeguard

Patterson, James - London Bridges

Patterson, James - Mary, Mary

Patterson, James - The Murder House

Patterson, James - Private Games

Patterson, James - Private Paris

Patterson, James - Private: the Royals (Bookshots)

Patterson, James - The Quickie

Patterson, James - Run for Your Life

Patterson, James - Sail

Patterson, James - Sundays at Tiffany's

Patterson, James - You've Been Warned

Pausch, Randy - The Last Lecture

Pearl, Matthre - The Last Bookaneer

Pearl, Matthew - The Technologists

Penny, Louise - Kingdom of the Blind

Penny, Louise - The Nature of the Beast

Penrose, Roger - Cycles of Time

Perry, Michael - Montaigne in Barn Boots

Perry, Anne - Resurrection Row

Philbrick, Nathaniel - The Sea of Glory

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - First Star I See Tonight

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Heroes Are My Weakness

Picoult, Jodi - House Rules

Picoult, Jodi - Leaving Time

Picoult, Jodi - Lone Wolf

Picoult, Jodi - The Pact

Picoult, Jodi - Small Great Things

Picoult, Jodi - A Spark of Light

Pilcher, Robin - A Risk Worth Taking

Poitier, Sidney - Life Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter

Preston, Douglas - Cemetery Dance

Price, Richard - Samaritan

Punke, Michael - The Revenant

Quick, Amanda - Late for the Wedding

Quick, Matthew - Love May Fail

Quindlen, Anna - Alternate Side

Quindlen, Anna - Blessings

Quindlen, Anna - Rise and Shine

Quinn, Susan - Eleanor and Hick

Rader-Day, Lori - The Day I Died

Rash, Ron - Above the Waterfall

Reich, Christopher - The Prince of Risk

Reich, Christopher - Rules of Betrayal

Reichl, Ruth - Delicious!

Reichs, Kathy - Bare Bones

Reichs, Kathy - Cross Bones

Reichs, Kathy - Two Nights

Reid, Taylor Jenkins - Maybe in Another Life

Relin, David Oliver - Second Suns: Two Doctors and Their Amazing Quest to Restore Sight and Save Lives

Remnick, David - The Bridge: the Life and Rise of Barack Obama

Rendell, Ruth - Portobello

Rice, Anne - The Wolf Gift

Rice, Luanne - The Lemon Orchard

Rice, Luanne - What Matters Most

Roach, Mary - Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife

Robards, Karen - The Last Victim

Roberts, Cokie - Capital Dames

Roberts, Nora - The Collector

Roberts, Nora - The Obsession

Roberts, Nora - Stars of Fortune

Roberts, Nora - The Witness

Robson, Jennifer - After the War is Over

Rodriguez, Deborah - A Cup of Friendship

Rollins, James - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Romesha, Clinton - Red Platoon: a True Story of American Valor

Ross, Ann B. - Miss Julia Strikes Back

Roth, Philip - Everyman

Roth, Philip - Exit Ghost

Roth, Philip - Goodbye, Columbus

Rowley, Steven - Lily and the Octopus

Rubin, Gretchen - Better Than Before

Rubin, Gretchen - Happier at Home

Russell, Mary Doria - Doc

Russell, Mary Doria - Dreamers of the Day

Rutherfurd, Edward - Paris: the Novel

Ryan, Jennifer - The Chilbury Ladies' Choir

Samuelsson, Marcus - Yes, Chef

Sandberg, Sheryl - Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Sandford, John - Broken Prey

Sandford, John - Dark of the Moon

Sandford, John - Dead Watch

Sandford, John - Deadline

Sandford, John - Deep Freeze

Sandford, John - Escape Clause

Sandford, John - Field of Prey

Sandford, John - Golden Prey

Sandford, John - Holy Ghost

Sandford, John - Twisted Prey

Saunders, George - Lincoln in the Bardo

Schiff, Stacy - The Witches Salem, 1692

Schiller, Lawrence - Into the Mirror

Schwalbe, Will - Books for Living

Scott, Stuart - Every Day I Fight

Scottoline, Lisa - After Anna

Scottoline, Lisa - Betrayed

Scottoline, Lisa - Corrupted

Scottoline, Lisa - One Perfect Lie

Sedaris, David - Barrel Fever

Sedaris, David - Calypso

Sedaris, David - Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

Sedaris, David - Holidays on Ice

Sedaris, David - Live at Carnegie Hall

Sedaris, David - Me Talk Pretty One Day

See, Lisa - Dreams of Joy

See, Lisa - Shanghai Girls

Sekaran, Shanthi - Lucky Boy

Semple, Maria - Today Will Be Different

Shaara, Jeff - A Blaze of Glory

Shaara, Jeff - The Fateful Lightning

Shaara, Jeff - Final Storm

Shaara, Jeff - The Frozen Hours

Shaffer, Mary Ann - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Shapero, Rick - Wild Animus

Shattuck, Jessica - The Women in the Castle

Shepherd, Jean - A Christmas Story

Shetterly, Margot Lee - Hidden Figures

Shields, Brooke - There Was a Little Girl

Short, Martin - I Must Say: My Life As a Humble Comedy Legend

Shreve, Anita - A Change in Altitude

Shreve, Anita - The Stars Are Fire

Shreve, Anita - The Weight of Water

Siddons, Anne Rivers - The Girls of August

Sides, Hampton - In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette

Siegel, James - Derailed

Silver, Elizabeth L. - The Execution of Noa P. Singleton

Sittenfeld, Curtis - Eligible

Sittenfeld, Curtis - Sisterland

Skloot, Rebecca - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Smith, Joanne Huist - The 13th Gift

Smith, Wilbur - The Blue Horizon

Solomons, Natasha - House of Gold

Souza, Brian - Become Who You Were Born to Be

Sparks, Nicholas - At First Sight

Sparks, Nicholas - A Bend in the Road

Sparks, Nicholas - Dear John

Sparks, Nicholas - The Lucky One

Sparks, Nicholas - See Me

Sparks, Nicholas - Two By Two

Stabenow, Dana - Blindfold Game

Steadman, Catherine - Something in the Water

Steel, Danielle - Coming Out

Steel, Danielle - Sunset in St. Tropez

Steel, Danielle - Johnny Angel

Steel, Danielle - Echoes

Steel, Danielle - Fairytale

Steel, Danielle - Impossible

Steel, Danielle - Miracle

Steel, Danielle - A Perfect Life

Steel, Danielle - Ransom

Steel, Danielle - Sisters

Steinbeck, John - Of Mice and Men

Stevens, Taylor - The Catch

Stevens, Taylor - The Doll

Stevens, Taylor - The Informationist

Stevens, Taylor - The Innocent

Stevenson, Bryan - Just Mercy: a Story of Justice and Redemption

Stewart, Jon - America (the Audiobook)

Stoessinger, Caroline - A Century of Wisdom

Stoker, Bram - Dracula

Stone, David - The Orpheus Deception

Straub, Emma - The Vacationers

Straub, Peter - A Dark Matter

Stromberg, Joseph - World War II

Strout, Elizabeth - Anything Is Possible

Strout, Elizabeth - My Name Is Lucy Barton

Sullivan, J. Courtney - The Engagements

Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix - The Nest

Sykes, Plum - Debutante Divorcee

Szegedy-Maszak, Marianne - I Kiss Your Hands Many Times: Hearts, Souls, and Wars in Hungary

Tabor, James - The Deep Zone

Talty, Stephan - Black Irish

Tartt, Donna - The Goldfinch

Taylor, Brad - Daughter of War

Taylor, Jill Bolte - My Stroke of Insight: a Brain Scientist's Personal Journey

Tessaro, Kathleen - The Perfume Collector

Thayer, Nancy - Island Girls

Thayer, Nancy - Summer Breeze

Theroux, Paul - Ghost Train to the Eastern Star

Thompson, Neal - A Curious Man: the Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert "Believe it or Not" Ripley

Thor, Brad - Takedown

Todd, Charles - No Shred of Evidence

Tolle, Eckhart - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Toobin, Jeffrey - American Heiress

Towles, Amor - A Gentleman in Moscow

Towles, Amor - Rules of Civility

Tudor, C.J. - The Hiding Place

Twain, Mark - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Tyler, Anne - The Beginner's Goodbye

Tyler, Anne - Clock Dance

Tyler, Anne - A Spool of Blue Thread

Tyler, Anne - Vinegar Girl

Tyson, Neil deGrasse - Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Unger, Lisa - Darkness, My Old Friend

Unger, Lisa - Heartbroken

Unger, Lisa - Ink and Bone

Unger, Lisa - The Red Hunter

Van Dyke, Dick - Keep Moving

Vance, J.D. - Hillbilly Elegy

Vincent, Lynn - Indianapolis

Vonnegut, Kurt - Slaughterhouse-five

Vowell, Sarah - Lafayette in the Somewhat United States

Vreeland, Susan - Clara and Mr. Tiffany

Walker, Karen Thompson - The Age of Miracles

Walker, Karen Thompson - The Dreamers

Walls, Jeannette - The Silver Star

Walsh, Rosie - Ghosted

Walter, Barbara - Audition: a Memoir

Walters, Louise - Mrs. Sinclair's Suitcase

Ward, Geoffrey C. and Ken Burns - The Vietnam War: an Intimate History

Ware, Ruth - The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Warren, Elizabeth - This Fight Is Our Fight : the Battle to Save America's Middle Class

Watts, Stephanie Powell - No One Is Coming to Save Us

Weir, Andy - Artemis

Wells, Rebecca - The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder

White, Karen - Dreams of Falling

White, Randy Wayne - Caribbean Rim

Whitehead, Colson - The Underground Railroad

Wick, Lori - Every Little Thing About You

Wiggs, Susan - The Apple Orchard

Wiggs, Susan - The Beekeeper's Ball

Wiggs, Susan - Between You & Me

Wiggs, Susan - Lakeside Cottage

Wilson, Daniel H. - The Clockwork Dynasty

Wilson, Daniel H. - Robopocalypse

Winchester, Simon - The Man Who Loved China

Winfrey, Oprah - What I Know For Sure

Winspear, Jacqueline - The Care and Management of Lies

Winspear, Jacqueline - A Dangerous Place

Winspear, Jacqueline - To Die But Once

Woodruff, Lee & Bob - In an Instant

Woods, Sherryl - Lilac Lane

Woods, Sherryl - Seaview Inn

Woods, Stuart - Beverly Hills Dead

Woods, Stuart - Hot Mahogany

Woods, Stuart - Hothouse Orchid

Woods, Stuart - Lucid Intervals

Woods, Stuart - Mounting Fears

Woods, Stuart - The Run

Woods, Stuart - Santa Fe Edge

Woods, Stuart - Scandalous Behavior

Woods, Stuart - Turbulence

Worth, Jennifer - Call the Midwife

Yanagihara, Hanya - A Little Life

Yousafzai, Malala - I Am Malala

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz - The Angel's Game

Zamperini, Louis - Don't Give Up, Don't Give In: Lessons from an Extraordinary Life

Zevin, Gabrielle - The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry